Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my windshield need to be brand new?
A. No, however, any imperfections that an old windshield might have would be amplified by the tear-off.

Q. What vehicles is this product available for?
A. We offer sizes that are laser precut to fit the Jeep Wrangler (TJ, JK, and JL) and the Jeep Gladiator (JT).

Q. Will Windshield Defense protect against rock strikes?
A. Yes, our product will protect from pesky rock chips and other debris from day-to-day driving that would normally crack your windshield.

Q. How many layers are included?
A. The product contains three layers of UV resistant polyester. Each layer is 3 mil thick plus adhesive. Our patented design allows the film to be removed and while taking the adhesive with it.

Q. Does each layer need to be installed separately?
A. No, Windshield Defense is pre-laminated a three-layer product and only needs to be installed once. Each layer can then be removed as necessary.

Q. How long will each layer last?
A. Each layer is designed to last approximately 6 months although this can vary depending on the usage.

Q. Can I install the product myself?
A. Yes, our Windshield Defense is ready to install out of the box in less than 20 minutes start to finish. The product ships with a free installation kit that includes a squeegee, spray bottle of installation fluid, and installation instructions.

Q. How much pressure should I apply when squeegeeing out the installation solution?
A. We recommend that you use a very firm and consistent amount of pressure to insure as much solution is removed from between the glass and the film.

Q. Do I need to have a friend help me install the product?
A. Yes, we recommend a second set of hands to help guide the film from the hood to the windshield. It makes the installation process much easier.

Q. If I have Rain-X® or a ceramic coating on my glass, does it need to be removed before I can install your product?
A. Yes. Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for removal of such products from the glass. Failure to do so can result in a poor installation. Those products are intended to add hydrophobic properties to the glass and help remove rain while driving. Our product provides hydrophobic properties when installed.

Q. I would like to add Rain-X® after I have installed Windshield Defense tear offs, is that ok?
A. Yes you can, but it’s not necessary. All of our products have hydrophobic properties built in.

Q. Do I have to install the sticker to the glass as show in the installation video?
A. No, adding the sticker is optional.

Q. In what temperature range should I install this product?
A. We recommend that you install the product inside a garage or building, while the temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees. Any hotter and the installation solution will dry too quickly, causing a poor installation.

Q. How long do I need to wait until I can clean the Windshield Defense product?
A. You are able to clean the product after it has been installed and had roughly 1 hour to cure. Make sure to only use ammonia free glass cleaners.

Q. Do you recommend a specific paper towel to use for the installation process?
A. Any paper towel that is lint free will work.

Q. I bought the product, but do not feel comfortable installing it myself. Can I bring this to my local window tint shop to have it installed?
A. Yes. Any automotive tint shop will be able to install this product if needed.

Q. After I have installed the Windshield Defense product, how long should I wait until I drive the vehicle?
A. We recommend that you install it in a garage or shop, let it sit for roughly an hour to make sure the film has had proper time to adhere. Then you are able to bring the vehicle outside, and let it continue to cure in the sunlight. After another hour it should be ready to go. Location, time of day and climate can make this a faster or slower process. In a very warm and dry location, the film will cure very quickly. In a colder or more humid climate, it may take slightly longer. Its best to plan for a total of 2-4 hours from the time of installation to the time you can drive the vehicle.

Q. Should I take the film out of the box and clean it before putting it on my Jeep?
A. Yes, we recommend that you take the film out of the box, clean both side of the film and then let it sit on a workbench or table overnight. The film needs time to relax and lay flat so it will properly adhere to the glass. Failure to do so can result in a poor installation.

Q. If I failed to line the product up correctly on the glass, can I lift it off the glass and reposition it?
A. Yes, but you have a limited amount of time. The adhesive will start its curing process once the liner has been removed and the installation solution has been applied. If you need to reposition the film for any reason, make sure to do it as quickly as possible and to use additional solution when doing so. Failure to re-wet the film can cause a poor installation.

Q. Can I install this product on Gorilla® Glass?
A. Yes of course. The product will adhere to any of the Jeep windshields on the market.

Q. How long after installing Windshield Defense do I need to wait until I am able to drive my jeep in the rain?
A. Its recommended that the film cures for at least 24 hours prior to any exposure to rain, and 3-5 days before any car wash.

Q. I installed the product and a huge rock hit my windshield. How long do I need to wait before I can remove a layer?
A. After the film has cured for 24-48 hours, it is safe to remove a layer if needed.

Q. What should I do if any of the film pops up during the installation process?
A. If a small area pops up, simply grab a brand-new paper towel, and cover the squeegee and push it down, making sure to use heavy pressure. If that does not solve the problem, let the area sit for 5-10 minutes and then complete the rest of the installation and go back to the problem area afterwards. It should then lay down with no issues.