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Installing Windshield Defense™ is straightforward, requires no special tools, takes approximately 20 minutes and is best performed with two people. If you prefer to have Windshield Defense™ installed professionally, most local tint shops can do it at a reasonable cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Installation

Do I need to have a friend help me install the product?

We recommend having two people install Windshield Defense™ to help guide the film over the hood and onto the windshield. Having someone help you will make the installation much easier.

I bought the product, but don’t feel comfortable installing it myself. Can I bring this to my local window tint shop to have it installed?

Yes. Any automotive window tint shop should be able to install Windshield Defense™.

Should I replace my windshield wipers before installing your product?

Yes, it is essential to replace your windshield wiper blades before installing our product to prevent any scratching or potential damage.

How often should I replace my windshield wipers when using your product?

According to our manufacturer's guidelines, we recommend that windshield wipers should be replaced every 6 to 12 months for optimal performance and to ensure the safety and longevity of the product.

What is the optimal temperature range for installing Windshield Defense™?
We recommend installing Windshield Defense™ indoors at temperatures between 60°F and 80°F. Temperatures above or below this range might cause the film to cure improperly, which can lead to installation failure. Please be sure to install the Windshield Defense product when rain isn’t in the forecast for at least 24 hours. You will need to keep the product free from rain or snow to allow the film to cure properly.
Should I take the film out of the box and clean it before putting it on my Jeep®?
Yes. We recommend taking the film out of the box, cleaning both sides and then letting it sit on a workbench or table overnight. The film needs time to relax and lay flat to adhere to the glass properly. Failure to follow these steps can result in a poor installation.
Do you recommend a specific paper towel to use for the installation process?
You can use any lint-free paper towel to install Windshield Defense™.
If I have Rain-X® or a hydrophobic ceramic coating on my glass, does it need to be removed before installing Windshield Defense™?
YES. You MUST remove Rain-X® or any other hydrophobic ceramic coating before installing Windshield Defense™. Failure to do so can result in a poor installation because these special coatings will ruin the films adhesive. Windshield Defense has hydrophobic properties that help remove rain while driving. Remember to remove these products from your Jeep® windshield according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Does each layer need to be installed separately?
NO. Windshield Defense™ is a pre-laminated, three-layer product and only needs to be installed once. Each layer can then be individually removed as needed.
If I failed to align Windshield Defense™ on the windshield correctly, can I lift it off the glass and reposition it?
Yes, but you have no more than two minutes to do so. The adhesive will start curing once the liner has been removed and you have applied the installation solution. If you need to reposition the film, do it as quickly as possible and repeat the spraying of the installation solution on the films adhesive and the glass. Failure to do so can cause a poor installation.
How much pressure should I apply when removing the installation solution with a squeegee?
We recommend you apply VERY firm and consistent pressure with the squeegee to remove as much solution as possible from between the glass and the film. DO NOT BE AFRAID to apply significant pressure as you will not damage your Windshield Defense™. This part of the installation process is curtail to remove all of the installation solution that was used. If needed, repeat the squeegee steps multiple times to ensure the solution has been removed. Failure to do so will result in small blurry or white dots throughout the film. This can also slow down the curing process.
What should I do if any of the film pops up during the installation process?
If a small area of the film pops up during installation, simply grab a fresh paper towel to cover the squeegee and apply strong downward pressure. If that doesn’t solve the problem, let the area sit for 5 to 10 minutes while completing the rest of the installation. Squeegee the area again with a fresh paper towel, it should then lay down without issue.
How long do I need to wait until I can clean the windshield?
You can clean the windshield after the product has had roughly one hour to cure. Make sure to only use ammonia-free glass cleaners. We recommend Sprayway Glass Cleaner and Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner.
Can Rain-X® be added on top of Windshield Defense™?
You can add Rain-X® to your windshield on top of the Windshield Defense™ tear-off layers, but it’s unnecessary. All our products have hydrophobic properties that help remove rain while driving.
After I have installed Windshield Defense™, how long should I wait before driving the vehicle?
Before driving your Jeep® with Windshield Defense™ installed, we recommend letting the product cure for 2 to 4 hours. After you install the film onto your windshield, let it sit for roughly an hour indoors to ensure the film has had proper time to adhere. This also allows you to inspect the installation prior to driving. Any areas that may have popped up can simply be squeegeed back into place during this time. You can then bring the vehicle outside to let it continue curing in the sunlight.

Curing times will vary according to your location, the time of day and weather conditions. The film will cure faster if you live in a warm, dry climate and cure slightly slower in colder, more humid locations.

How long should I wait after installing Windshield Defense™ before driving my Jeep® in the rain?
We recommend waiting for at least 24 hours before any exposure to rain and 3 to 5 days before any car wash.
I installed the product and then a rock hit my windshield. How long do I need to wait before I can remove a layer?
After the film has cured for 24 to 48 hours, it is safe to remove a layer if needed.

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