Real stories from the road
Hear directly from those who have put Racing Optics to the test.

“These are Freaking Awesome, I’ve installed mine and had at least 3 major rock hits on my windshield and this product save my windshield from being cracked!!”

Eddy S. - Windshield Defense user

“Our 2024 Wrangler has less than 5k mikes on it and on its 3rd windshield. I wanted to let everyone out there that on our 16hr (round trip) recently we took a decent size strike like we seem to always do (South Carolina to Florida…. it seems EVERY time…..GRRR…LOL) but this time, same loud hit but it seemed to absorb the impact like i suppose it should. Now I’m not swearing up and down, but this is my experience. This was 3 layers( Just installed) and it, in my opinion just saved me another $1500 dollars that we had just shelled out to replace the windshield(our glass guy has me on speed dial …:( We are super glad we ordered this and Chris from the company even called me to answer my weird questions. I plan to have this on my Wrangler forever, this is my experience but it was something I like to share because no one wants to spend money on something that wont work. In my opinion, with my experience, it is WELL worth IT. Just a note: I was not paid for this, I am just so very happy I didn’t have to replace my windshield AGAIN and thought the info would be helpful to a new buyer investigating the product.”

Kevin S. - Windshield Defense user

“Last year I started using the Jeep Windshield Defense kit and I have gone over a year with no chips or cracks. This has worked so well that I am putting it on my wife’s Jeep now.”

Jesse J. - Windshield Defense user

“As a Wrangler owner and off-road enthusiast myself, I have been plagued with broken windshields more times than I would like to count…I am ecstatic about being able to show this modification to my friends.”

Ansley B. - Windshield Defense user

“I’ve been driving with this peel off on my JK for about 2 years. Around every 6 months, I’ve had to peel off a layer due to scratching, but that’s typically a result of dirt and road salt more than anything. I’ve taken several large rocks off the highway that divot the peel off film, but leave my windshield untouched. Highly recommended product”

Peter H. - Windshield Defense user

“I have Windshield Defense on my JLR now and have for the last two years! I live in New England and we get lots of snow and salt and sand and none of it has effected how it protects the windshield! Windshield wipers have no effect on it’s clarity and they have not scratched mine…I had it on for a year before peeling the first layer. I have no affiliation with them, I am just singing their praises because they have a great product! I went through three windshields and the last one I decided there had to be a better way. Then I read a post of someone who had used this product and they liked it. So I purchased it. Customer service is top notch. I will def be a repeat customer for life. Really Great product!!!”

Rico. - Windshield Defense user

“The Windshield Defense protection on my Jeep windshield is a great protection. I had it installed by my local mobile tint shop to ensure it was installed properly and stays there. So far I have gotten some road debris on the windshield and no issues with pits or chips on my windshield. I highly recommend this product. To top it off their customer service is great.”

Bert C. - Windshield Defense user

“I installed this on my 4xe wrangler. I will tell ya…. it works great. Was on a major interstate in the left land and a big truck going opposite was close to the burm and kicked up rocks that came over the median. Hit the windscreen HARD! I have a few pittings in the layer. But that’s it. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!”

Frank M. - Windshield Defense user

“Happy customer here. I put this on my jeep as soon as I bought it. 20k miles and no chips or cracks despite a few gets from gravel and branches. Worth every penny to me.”

Grace - Windshield Defense user

“My wife and I purchased our purple baby a little over year ago and after having to replace the windshield 3 times within the first because of the roads where I live and all the construction and semi’s we decided to look into a solution to save us money and time. Windshield Defense by Racing Optics after a month of research was the best option and been happy with it ever since we had it put on a month ago. Very durable, clean product install and would definitely recommend it if you own a Jeep. A very awesome product.”

Brian T. - Windshield Defense user
Protected Jeep In Action

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